Worlds First Health Functional Wine

Bio Wine is worlds first Health Functional Wine enriched with aloe vera and Natural bio alkaloids invented after 15 years of R&D efforts.
  • The positive attributes of Bio Wine are intended to nullify the adverse/ill effects that are generally associated with wine manufactured using synthetic flavors & colors.
  • Bio Red Wine extract lowers the rate of diabetes, liver problems and other fat-related ill effects.
  • Bio Red Wine can help achieve the good effects of cutting calories without having the pain of actually doing it.
  • Bio Wine protects the liver by improving its function. It reduces the blood cholesterol and also maintains the bilirubin levels to normal. It does not allow the belly-fat to grow.
  • Bio-Wine is pleasant to taste and the happy feeling continues for more than an hour after consumption.


Drinking a glass of wine every day may be good for your heart health, but experts say it increases your chances of liver and bowel cancer by about 20%. Bio Wine has an intent quality of reducing most of ill effect of liver disorders and hangovers. read more...