Our Wines

Bio Wine, developed by President's award winner Dr. Srinivasa Amarnath, after 15 years of extensive R & D, enriched with Bio alkaloids from herbs like Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Phyllanthus niruri, Tulsi Maharasna, Arjuna.

Bio Alkaloids in Bio Wine provide hydration to the body which minimizes chances of hangover due to bio alkaloids, Bio Wine has an intent quality of reducing most of the ill-effects of alcohol like liver disorders, inebriation and itis a functional food which enhances fat soluble vitamins like B1, B6, B12, C and E.

In summary, bio alkaloids of Bio Wine keep diabetes (blood sugar levels), liver cholestrol, aging, stress blood pressure and body weight in total check.

Premium Red Wine

Shiraz Grapes are used for Premium Red Wine from Nashik Valley. The classical grapes verity Shiraz grown in suitable soil of sahyadri hills, hand picked at optimum maturity, oak matured wine develop its distinctive vanilla blends with soft cherries, peppery overtone, rich soft tannin leaves round finish.

Grape Variety : Shiraz
Alcohol : 12.5% v/v
Color : Shiny Red cum violet trace
Taste : easy going
Performance : Best, Palatable, Acid - Sugar is Balanced, NO alcohol sensation after taste, Round on palate, No bitterness, Best as well long lasting mouth feeling sensation - this will be the key of success.
Served Temp : 16 - 18 oC
Food : It can be paired with range of spicy cuisine. Mutton cutlets.
Premium White Wine

Chenin Blanc Grapes are used to produce this white wine brand from Nashik Valley Bio Wine premium, which is made from Chenin Blank. The colour of the wine is Yellow Golden finish and look like a liquid gold is poured in the wine glass.

The lingering aromas and flavors of this thrilling white wine owe its character to finest Chenin Blanc, Cultivate and Harvested in Nashik Valley, India’s most Fertile wine grape growing region. Hints of guava, honey and light floral tints excite and lemon green shades of this fine wine are pleasing attributes for the senses.

Grape Variety : Chenin Blanc
Alcohol : 13% v/v
Color : Golden Yellow
Taste : Easy going
Performance : Good, Palatable, Acid - Sugar is Balanced, After taste alcohol sensation, Round on palate, No bitterness, Wine is soft and gives Better mouth feeling sensation - this will be the key of success.
Served Temp : 10oC
Food : It is enjoyable as a refreshing aperitif or it can be served with Dry fruits, roosted little spicy chicken.
Regular Red Wine

Made from a blend of local Indian grape varieties. An easy drinking, fruity wine of Indian origin owes its lineage to the famed vineyards of Nashik Valley, where finest varieties of grapes are cultivated. Specially hand picked grapes, expert Nashik Valley wine making techniques gives this its distinct aromas and flavor that land character to this fruity wine that can be enjoyed in all seasons, all occasion and celebrations.

Grape variety : Blend of Indian Grapes
Alcohol : 13% v/v
Color : Little Purple, Light bodied
Taste : Easy going
Performance : Better, Palatable, Towards little Sweetness, After taste No alcohol sensation, Flat on palate, No bitterness, Wine too easy to drink but little phenolic sensation - Too easy to drink will be key of success.
Served Temp : 16 - 18 oC
Food : t is enjoyable with medium spicy roosted chicken, as well Chicken Salad (Tandoori style)