Wine & Health

In fact, numerous studies have shown that alcohol consumption can lead to a wide variety of conditions, including dementia, depression, and cancer.

Dr. B. Srinivasa Amarnath has started his profession as an Ayurvedic Doctor in 1980. During his practice he usually get patients who are suffering from Fatty liver, Sclerosis liver, Increases Belliruben levels, Problem to the nervous system, Diabetes etc,due to the addiction of alcohol. After giving counseling for the patients he did not find any difference in them in the usage of Alcohol. An Innovative idea stroked his mind to give them something which will benefit their health. With that idea after 15 years of extensive research he invented Bio Wine enriched with Bio Alkaloids processed with Ancient wonder herbs like Alovera, Arjuna, Ashwaganda, Tulasi, Bramhi, Phylanthus niruri etc, There has also been a great readiness to cherry-pick historical references to the healthiness of wine, often from times when water was generally a more dangerous option and when medical knowledge was less developed.

The relief from - possibly cancer - inducing - stress that wine and other forms of alcohol can offer may well have been underestimated. On the other hand, so too has the wide range of allergies, from rashes and coughs to debilitating migraines from which some unfortunate wine drinkers suffer.

The dangers of wine in excess are undeniable. The benefits of moderate drinking are probable.

Common Beneficial
Hazardous of Normal Wine
Bio Wine Positive Attribuites
Liver   wine has approximately 8 -14% alcohol and which also contain Synthetic flavors which causes damage to Liver Herb Phylanthus niruri protein fraction protects liver from nimesulide -induced oxidative stress probably via promotion of antioxidant defense. No added synthetic flavors and color that cause damage to liver.
Fatty Liver   A liver clogged with fat causes liver cells to become less efficient at performing their necessary tasks, resulting in impairment of a person. Gives Liver Nutrition and make liver cells to live longer.
Diabetes No problems here – it seems that scientists agree that red wine consumption has a positive effect in reducing the effects of diabetes.. Although wine in moderation is believed to help diabetes sufferers, too much has the opposite effect. Aloe vera is a traditional remedy used for diabetes. The fasting serum glucose level fell in every patient with no weight gain or loss.
Cholesterol Cholesterol is divided into the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ varieties. Fortunately, drinking Champagne gets rid of the bad stuff by clearing the arteries of fatty deposits.   Alovera Lowers high cholesterol.
Smoking   Studies found that tobacco with Wine was the world's number-one killer. As many drinkers have the habit of smoking while drinking Wine which causes in low supply of oxygen to the body and also reduces blood supply to the heart . To safe guard this Bio Wine has Bio Alkolids which helps in supply of oxygen to Human body.
Sexual performance Dutch courage: A few glasses of wine give you more than just extra confidence in the pub and in the bedroom: the effect goes deeper than that. Alcohol may lead to a more fulfilling sex life, but with impotence an unfortunate side effect, that makes the former rather irrelevant. Ashwagandha is a powerful aphrodisiac thereby helps in enhancing the sexual powers and long lasting endurance.It also helps in increasing sperm count and also the quality of sperms.
Obesity A glass of wine with food helps the body to break down sugar, as well as reduce fat storage in the body. It may help the body break down sugar, but unfortunately, wine is hardly a low-calorie beverage, given that a glass of white wine contains the same calories as a bag of crisps.  Bio Alkolids which helps in maintaining required number of calories and also good for weight balancing.
Hepatitis B   Wine consumption during Hepatitis B will lead to excessive ill effects and distraction of liver. Phyllanthus niruri extracts may have benefits of liver protection. Its protein fractions protected liver tissues against oxidative stress by improving anti-oxidative defense in
mice. It may also benefit hepatitis B.
Ageing Red wine is clearly the elixir of life, seeing as its antioxidant content protects the body from a host of ageing ailments, including wrinkles, free radicals and memory loss.   Too much wine over a long period can make you look older than you are, leading to the early onset of wrinkles and a general worn-out appearance. Pluchea Lanceolata , Ashwaganda: Revitalizes body and decreases untimely fatigue caused due weak body strength accumulation of negative energies in the body. Works as a rasayan i.e. a substance that helps in preventing early aging and rejuvenates whole body to provide youth.
Cancer (general) Chemicals in red wine could help prevent breast, colon and prostate cancer. A new pill made with compounds found in red wine may help protect against tumours, scientists believe.   French scientists claim that people are 168% more likely to develop cancer if they drink even a small amount of wine every day - a claim that outraged winemakers across the country.  Phyllanthus niruri is one herb which helps in reduces the chances of cancer.
Bowel Cancer A study in the US showed that just 1% of wine drinkers had polyps which may trigger bowel cancer, compared with 12% of teetotalers and 18% of beer drinkers. Just a glass of wine a day raises the risk of bowel cancer, after a survey of more than 500,000 people. Constipation is one of the greater reason for Bowel cancer this can be reduded by Alovera.
Heart Disease People who drink up to 30 units of alcohol a week are less likely to die of a heart attack . But if you drink more than a glass, all that hard work is undone. Arjuna which helps in Improves pumping activity of heart, improves cardiac muscle strength, decrease in LDL cholesterol levels
Appendicitis The anti-inflammatory properties found in the antioxidants of red wine help lessen the effects of appendicitis.   Some digestive disorders can be corrected by Alovera.
Dementia Rather than the oft-repeated cliché that alcohol kills a number of brain cells withevery sip, it actually protects against dementia and improves brain function. Wine drinkers are more likely to damage the part of the brain that deals with memory and spatial awareness than non-drinkers. Wine is also more detrimental than beer and spirits in this area. Ashwaganda provides nourishment to the brain for its better function and helps in increasing memory .
Arthritis Resveratrol – seemingly the magical ingredient in red wine – also lessens the effect of arthritis, by slowing damage done to cartilage.   Alovera helps internally in Arthritis.
Memory Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, increases blood flow to the brain, and helps you solve those troublesome teasers. Whether it can help you with advanced algebra is another matter.  Too much wine in an evening can cause forgetfulness and absent-mindedness days later, according to a report. Ashwaganda helps in providing nourishment to the brain for its better function and greater ability to work and improves memory power.
Food poisoning (prevention of) Alcohol’s preservative qualities are well known, but it seems that drinking it can even ward off deadly bugs such as e.coli and salmonella.   Apis mellifera is good food preservative. It acts as a replacing sugar , Wine will stay fresh for longer due to natural antibiotics.
Blood circulation/blood pressure Procyanidins, found in red wine, help to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation around the body. Far from 'cleaning' the blood, just a glass or two of wine a day doubles the risk of high blood pressure.  
Nervous System   Effects nervous system with excessive consumption. Ashwagandha relieves stress due to presence of vata suppressant properties which helps in nurturing nervous system Helps in promoting calmness and mental satisfaction in mind due to its good penetrating powers, which helps to counter negative adaptogens.